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Defatted Soya Grits Enzyme Active ( Untoasted)

    Product Description

Defatted Soya grits is high protein and High PDI product, the protein content in the grits is 52% plus.The soya grits are obtained from selected quality of Indian non GMO soybean seeds. It is dried through Dryer without denaturing protein, maintaining high PDI value and enzyme activity then finally ground to obtain desired particle size.The Soya grits has higher energy value compared with other protein sources. The amino acids in Soya grits are highly digestible compared to other protein sources of plant origin. Our defatted Soya Grits is one of the most consistent protein ingredients available to the feed formulator. We produce Soya grits that meet the end-users specifications in terms of protein, PDI and other desired parameter.

Technical Details


Color & Appearance
Golden yellow


Moisture, % w/w, Max.
Fat, % w/w, Max.
Protein, % w/w, Min.
Crude Fiber, % w/w, Max.
Total Ash, % w/w, Max.
Sand & Silica, % w/w, Max.
Urease Activity, Mg N2, at 30 ˚C, Max.
Shelf life:12 Months from Mfg. When Stored in Original Pack at clean, dry and infestation free area.


Soybean Grits in Aquaculture feeds due to price, consistent availability and its nutritional properties soya grits is widely used in aqua feeds. Our Soy grits prices are comparatively more stable than other because of its consistent supply. It is beginning to be widely used in aquatic diets also, offering more than just a nutritional benefit. Diminishing use of fish meal and an increasing use of soybean diet will improve the effluent characteristics of aquaculture operations.