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The Firm (in its collective meaning as defined above header name) will not be responsible/accountable for any claims and liability (in its collective meaning as defined above) arising from the direct or the indirect use/inability to use of our services/offers/schemes including content or material or information provided on our website/application/helpline or through any of promotional/supporting communications made through, including but not limited to, the calls/text messages/email/pamphlets etc.

The Firm expressly disclaims from any claims or liability arising out of any errors, omissions, delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information or malfunctioning of our services through our website, App, helpline etc.

In no event or circumstances shall the Firm (in its collective meaning as defined above) will be held liable for any claims & liability for any content/material/information provided in any or all communication means (including but not limited to our website, email, application, helpline, text messages, pamphlets, leaflets, cards etc) used for marketing or supporting activities.

The Firm holds the sole right to change/amend/discontinue any of its terms and conditions including privacy policy & other policies, without giving its member/users prior notice and without any claims and liability of any kind.

In no event or circumstances shall the Firm (in its collective meaning as defined above) will be held liable for any claims & liability for the acts and deeds of the user/visitor/member which are provided to be serious misdemeanors as defined above in terms and conditions/agreement/contract.

Even though the Firm is not responsible for any claim or liability of any kind since the Firm is just acting as a service provider or a facilitator for the services, still the maximum aggregate liability of the Firm for all liabilities arising out of this Contract/Agreement/Terms & conditions be it in tort or contract will not exceed more than Rs.500 or the amount of purchase by the user/member which is lower.

Though our website and application are secured by appropriate anti-virus softwares still we shall not be held responsible for any claims & liability for any damages & viruses that may affect the user's/visitor's/member's equipment/system on while accessing or visiting or browsing our website or application or for any downloading etc.

To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, Firm or our suppliers shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses arising out of or in connection with the Website, App, Helpline, its services or this contract/agreement/terms& conditions. The Firm has taken due care to provide the user/visitor/member with accurate prices and product information, however, in case of any typographical errors or negligence or errors of omission resulting into incorrect prices or information, the Firm hold the sole right and discretion to correct/modify the same without any claims and liabilities and the user/visitor/member has to pay the correct price without any recourse.

All products sold by the Firm are under manufacturer's warranties and the Firm is not responsible for any claims or liabilities. All information/content of products or services provided or claims of quality, product performance, or any other claims and mode of action of advertised medications are just a reproduction of data provided by the manufacturers and suppliers of the said products/services and the Firm or its employees should not be held responsible on any account whatsoever in this regard.

The website , application and the call centre services provided are to add conveniences to your purchases and in no manner shall the information, products, schemes, offers displayed or conveyed should constitute to be a recommendation or endorsement of the same from the Firm and hence the Firm shall not held responsible for any liability of any kind.

The member/buyer/user should consult a professional before following any content/product/information from any of our communications including but not limited to emails, website, application leaflet/pamphlets etc as the Firm does not rate/ evaluate the products sold by it and any reliance on such information/product/content displayed will strictly at the user/member/buyers own risk. However, this disclaimer does not apply to the product warranty offered by the manufacturer or the other third parties including but not limited to the authorized dealers etc.

Any links to other websites on our website/ application may not constitute or implied to be a recommendation or endorsement of the contents/information in other websites from the Firm. As the Firm has no control over the information or contents provided in the other websites linked, the Firms ceases to be liable for any liability of any kind.

Though the Firm shall make sure uninterrupted functioning of our website/application/ call centre etc however the Firm will not be liable, in case the same are temporarily out of service due to some technical limitation/errors beyond our control.