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Quality Management

Deesan Agrotech Pvt. Ltd has very discreet policy for the quality maintainence. Keeping this in mind we put forward the every effort to acheive the better quality in customer terms.
The following practices we follow to maintain quality in our premises and work culture.
  • Caring for our customers and winning their loyalty by ensuring that we provide Soybean products of specified high quality in a timely manner and with a price advantage.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction through effective maintenance of a Quality ManagementSystem in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 & GMP.

  • Embracing and lead change through innovative technology in order to provide ValueAdded Soybean Products to our customers.
  • And continually improving the Processes, Products and Services to ensure Customerrequirements are met consistently.

Dessan is synonymous with.
  1. Integrity : We believe in values, honesty and principles.
  2. Quality: Our consistent commitment to certain specific standards.
  3. Professionalism : Specialized knowledge and academic qualifications with a deep personal commitment to develop and improve skills.

At DEESAN we give prime importance to
  1. Teamwork : For better decisions, products and servics.
  2. Individual Skills : Are highlighted to make environment exciting and success oriented.
  3. Corporate Harmony : To be a trustworthy company in harmony with society.