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Soya Lecithin (Non GMO)

    Product Description

Soya Lecithin is brownish coloured viscous liquid which is obtained while refining of soya oil at water degumming stage. The gums (hydratable phosphetides ) are heated under vacuum to remove the moisture. The Lecithin is a mixture of 3 types of phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, and phosphotidylinositol. It has emulsifying properties means it will let oil and water (or two similar liquids) stay mixed together.

Technical Details


Semi Liquid
10-12 Max
Moisture, % w/w, Max.
Acid Value
Max. 30KOH / g Max
Peroxide Value
Max. 5.0 m.eq
Hexene Insoluble
Max. 0.3
Acetone Insoluble
Min. 62%
80-120 Poise
Microbial Count
Total Plate Count cfu / gm 3000 Max.
Coliforms cfu / gm
E. Coli. Cuf / gm
Yeast &Mouldcfu / gm
100 Max
Salmonella 25 / gm
Shelf life:12 Months from Mfg. When Stored in Original Pack at clean, dry and infestation free area.


  • ➦ Because of its nutritional and emulsifying properties it is widely used in bakeries to changes the texture in certain baked goods, and keeps moister and fresher it longer (ii)
  • ➦ In chocolate cakes to emulsify the fat and enable it to mix with the water and other ingredients in the cake.
  • ➦  Apart from this it is also being used in food and pharmaceutical products.

  Health Benefits

  • ➦ Liver disease. Taking lecithin seems to reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver of people who are fed long-term through a needle in the vein (parenteral nutrition)..