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Toasted Defatted Soya Flakes

    Product Description

It is the enzyme inactive soya flakes manufactured by using only highest quality of soybean seed as raw material. Beans are cleaned twice to clear all foreign material. After cleaning the beans are conditioned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The flakes are conditioned to solvent bath that extracts the oil. After highly efficient extraction it is de-solvencies and toasted to inactive the enzyme activity and sieved to obtain desired particle size. Our Defatted Toasted Soya Flakes are processed in hygienic environment as per food safety guidelines it is high protein and low oil product, the protein content in the Flakes is 50% plus. It is one of the most consistent protein and fat ingredients available to the food formulator. We produce Soya flakes that meet the end-users specifications for protein and other desired parameter.

Technical Details


Color & Appearance
Golden yellow
Particle Size
90% between 5-18 ASTM mesh


Moisture, % w/w, Max.
Fat, % w/w, Max.
Protein, % w/w, Min.
Crude Fiber, % w/w, Max.
Total Ash, % w/w, Max.
Sand & Silica, % w/w, Max.
Shelf life:12 Months from Mfg. When Stored in Original Pack at clean, dry and infestation free area.


  • ➦ Soy Flakes are the primary derivatives of de-oiled soybeans. They have high protein content. They make excellent raw material for many products. Soy Flakes are the largest used raw material for Soy Sauce manufacturing.
  • ➦ Defatted toasted soya flakes are used in protein fortification in human diet such as wheat flour, Weaning Foods and Pasta Products.
  • ➦ It can use in Meat Sausages and Fermentation Media & Nutrient Carrier for Flavors’ and Vitamins.
  • ➦ It also used in Body foods to improves structure and protein enhancement.

  Health Benefits

  • ➦ Influences functioning of heart.
  • ➦ Lowers blood cholesterol
  • ➦ Helps bowel movement in human body.
  • ➦ Reduces risks of cancer
  • ➦ Prevents breast cancer
  • ➦ Rich Source Of Dietary fiber,  Vitamin B and Omega 3- fatty acids